Thursday, September 18, 2008

Car Free day

It's car free day in Halifax on Monday September 22nd!

Why Car Free Day? In over a thousand cities around the
world representing over 100 million people, September 22
has been celebrated as Car Free Day (CFD) for the past six
years. CFD is a day to transform pavement to playground,
fumes to fun. It's a day to acknowledge the problems of
cars in our communities, to look at the alternatives, and to
highlight the quality of life benefits of living with fewer
cars, even if for only one day.

At 11:30 am on Car Free Day we will enjoy downtown main streets in car-freedom as we parade en mass from the Public Gardens to the Grand Parade with company floats, musicians, clowns, skateboarders, cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, roller bladders, wheel chair users, stilt walkers, radical cheerleaders, bicycle bell choir and more. The parade will end at noon at the Grand Parade (City Hall), which will be car-free at last (at least for this day)! There will be sod where the Councillors normally park, games, exhibits and throughout the park there will be tents, table
displays, BMX performances, face painting, live music, art exhibits, free bike repair, free
food, dancing and so much more (noon to 3 pm).

So leave the beast at home and walk or ride to work!
Remember, cars = emissions but walking = exercise!

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