Sunday, March 18, 2007

Accomplishments to Date

  • February
    • An idea is born!
  • March
    • Background research, learning, and planning is done
    • Numerous meetings and trainings done with the Atlantic Sustainability Coordinator for the Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC)

  • September
    • Society created and Constitution written.
    • DISI members attend the 7th Annual SYC National Sustainable Campuses Conference
  • October
    • Grand DISI Launch hosting then-Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, Elizabeth May, and presentation by the DISI Executive on plans for the group.
    • DISI member attends North-East Sustainable Campus Consortium at Harvard University (funded by DSS)
  • November
    • Committees organized, Executive chosen
    • First Advisory Committee meeting held
  • February
    • DISI members attend and present at the 1st Annual SYC Atlantic Sustainable Campuses Conference
    • 1st Annual Fundraiser held at Gradhouse, bringing in over $700
    • DISI goes on WebCT
  • March
    • Presentation to the DSU on DISI projects and policy/office potential
    • Draft DSU Environmental Sustainability Policy written and DSU Sustainability Coordinator proposal completed
  • April
    • Environmental Problem Solving class completes portion of the Ecosystem section of the Campus Sustainability Assessment

  • September
    • DISI member attends founding meeting of Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
    • DISI members attend the 8th Annual National Sustainable Campuses Conference
    • First DISI Internship offered via course credit
  • October
    • DISI members attend Greening Dalhousie Roundtable to discuss Dalhousie sustainability with faculty, staff, administration, community members and CEOs
    • Presentation to the DSU regarding potential for Sustainability Office; Ongoing talks with DSU result in generous gift of 3rd floor office space
  • January
    • DISI teams up with Nature Conservation class group to launch Paper Cut campaign to switch campus to 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • February
    • DISI members attend the 2nd Annual SYC Atlantic Sustainable Campuses Conference
  • March
    • Meeting with President Tom Traves
    • Open House
    • 2nd Annual Fundraiser held at T-Room
    • Change name to SustainDal
  • New DSU Sustainability Coordinator helps create existing structure for SustainDal (issue-based committees led by coordinators which make up the executive in addition to 3 non-committee positions (project coordinator, communications and treasurer))
  • Committee projects get rolling. Hundreds of signatures collected in support of having more local food in residence cafeterias. Recycling signs posted around campus. Residence Lights Out challenge.
  • SustainDal members attend Atlantic Green Summit at acadia University and the SYC National Conference at Western
  • 1st ever Green Week! Tons of educational events and fun social events
  • Atlantic Green Summit in Sackville, NB
  • SYC National Conference in Sherbrooke, QC
  • AGM- September 25th, 6pm, rm 224 in the SUB

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