Sunday, March 18, 2007

Election Referendum News


to all the Dalhousie students that voted YES for the Sustainability Office referendum question in the DSU elections!

Keep posted for upcoming news.


In the 2007 DSU election, the Dalhousie Integrated Sustainability Initiative (DISI) requested a 2$ student fee to support a paid position for the new sustainabilty office in the SUB. The office will be a resource for all students regardless of faculty, to initiate & co-ordinate environmental initiatives on campus.

This is huge!


Yale has one. Harvard has one. UBC saves millions of dollars every year with one. MUN has one. UPEI has one. U of C has one.

A Sustainability Office with a full-time coordinator is what Dalhousie needs. Our university has a major impact on the environment around us – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

DISI (now SustainDal) aims to institutionalize sustainability through campus operations, policy, curriculum and culture by working with students, staff, faculty and administration. We want environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic feasibility.

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